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ms knoel Kristi Goines, “MsKnoel”, is a writer and aspiring blogger whose very passionate about encouraging and empowering singles on how to cope and really enjoy life as a single person. As a single Christian woman living in Atlanta, GA, Kristi can truly relate to the joys and challenges of keeping it together as a single woman. Kristi speaks from the platform of her experiences and uses God’s Word to show how to deal with the daily issues that singles deal with. Kristi has served as a contributing writer to online websites such as The Chat Kafe Show, Single, Ready, and Waiting, and for online digital magazine Luv and Relationships Magazine. Kristi is also a Southern belle, a native of Louisiana who loves seafood. You can find Kristi Goines on social media on Facebook (www.facebook.com/msknoel) and Twitter (@mskdmples76).

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I review books highlighting the Christian single lifestyle!