Happy Valentine’s Day: I Love Me Some ME!

That special day in February has come around—February 14th, Valentine’s Day. When you get to work, your coworkers’ desks are covered with heart-boxed candy, roses, teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons big enough for a Macy’s parade. When you go to a restaurant, it’s filled with couples hugged up or holding hands waiting to be seated. It is a wonderful day set aside to be with your sweetheart, to just enjoy each other and celebrate the love you share (awww, sniff).

On Valentine’s Day, I wonder if one of the little chubby cupid angel’s love arrows has missed my address—again. I like being single. However, when I see couples together on Valentine’s Day, it reminds me that do not have a sweetheart right now and wish I did. If singles are honest with themselves, they sometimes feel the same way. I believe even the happiest singles think how nice it would be to spend Valentine’s Day with someone special.

Then, I thought to myself “Hey, why does Valentine’s Day have to be for couples only?” Valentine’s Day is about expressions of love to that special someone. There is a special someone in my life—ME! No, it’s not abnormal. Whether you’re single by choice, by divorce, or as a widow, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate and enjoy YOU! So instead of becoming depressed, here are a few fun ways to spread the “luv”:

1. Treat yourself! Last year I treated myself to take-out from Copeland’s of New Orleans in Atlanta, a seafood restaurant. I love seafood (I’m from Louisiana), so I ordered an appetizer, entrée and a slice of cheesecake, and was not ashamed! One of my Facebook friends I went to college with says she’s treating herself to a facial. Take yourself out to dinner or have a spa today to pamper yourself. Or, if you want a different surrounding, whisk yourself away to a cruise or a mini vacation. You deserve it! Keep in mind that while you desire that special someone, he or she should add to your happiness, not become your source of happiness. When you are happy with yourself, others will be attracted to your passion for enjoying life!
2. Don’t have a pity party, have a ‘pretty’ party! If you do not want to be by yourself, get some of your closest friends and go to the spa for some pampering. One important aspect about being single is learning to feel good about yourself. Ladies, you know with the right mani-pedi (manicure-pedicure), a dash of make-up, the hair “did” and some cute pumps you will be shouting “I’m sexy and I know it” without saying it! Gentlemen, you don’t have to look ‘pretty’ (smile) but you can go to the barbershop or a grooming salon (yes, men like to look and smell good too) and afterwards have a fun night on the town. Besides, you never know who you may meet!
3. Send a Valentine’s Day gift or spend the evening with a good friend. A few years ago, I came home and found on my doorstep a bunch of flowers from a good male friend of mine. I was pleasantly surprised. It made me feel warm inside to know he thought of me on Valentine’s Day! Love is also shared between friends. Therefore, a nice dinner or evening with a good male or female friend is another great way to enjoy companionship on Valentine’s Day.

I wish every single person a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Don’t be afraid to love and enjoy yourself until you meet that person worthy of your love. Cupid hasn’t missed my address or yours. At the right time God will deliver His best choice for you without delay!

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